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march 29, 1878

Geo. Griffith has 18 acres of corn planted; John D. Bagby, 15 acres; and Mr. Penland, 10 acres; all near Marion Centre. Very good for March, we think.

A small boy with a match got up an impromptu conflagration in Stone’s lumberyard last Sunday. It might have proved a serious affair for the town had not a few timely buckets of water squelched it.

Eggs sell only for five cents a dozen, but, then, the hens don’t advertise.

A refreshing rain fell Tuesday evening, which was a great disappointment to drought prophets.

Butcher Schmidt has caught the “fix up” fever and has set out some nice trees. Verily, town pride is spreading.

The wheat in the valleys of Marion is generally jointed. Col. Bates has brought us several stools, which measured 21 inches.

While many others are talking, Case & Billings are doing town pride. They have, this week, set out 1,000 forest trees on the public square. We call this business.

Mr. A. Barden, near Marion Centre, informs us that he killed some hogs the past winter worthy of mention in the way of weights. Two Poland China and Chester White cross, nine months old, dressed 316 pounds each. One at 10 months of age dressed 338 pounds. We call them pretty good pigs.

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