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519 tapped for rape case jury pool

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One business closed for part of the day Monday and Tuesday and Hillsboro City Council had to postpone a meeting Tuesday as more than 500 potential jurors were summoned to USD 408 Performing Arts Center in Marion as jury selection began Monday for the trial of Terry Bowen, Kenneth J. Frederick II, and Lora J. Gay.

Selection was moved to the center because the jury pool was too large for the county’s courtroom, District Court Clerk Jan Helmer said. Jury-duty summons were sent to 519 people.

Many of the potential jurors left jobs and responsibilities to participate in the jury selection — some Monday and Tuesday, some just Tuesday.

The pool was divided into three groups. One group was seated in the lower middle section of the auditorium. The defendants, attorneys, judge, and clerks were on the stage. A mobile microphone was passed among the jurors when they were required to answer questions.

With three defendants, there are three defense attorneys. All three and the prosecutors had opportunities to question each group of potential jurors.

While one group of the pool was being questioned in the auditorium, the remaining potential jurors waited in the foyer. Some sat in chairs when chairs were available; some stood; others sat on the floor.

The 12-member jury and two alternates was seated Tuesday evening. The trial began today.

It was a diverse group of county residents — young, old, male, female, self-employed, retired, laborers, and managers — brought together to perform their civic duties.

But that civic duty can come at a price.

It takes both Billy and Donna Rosine to operate Marion Dry Cleaning and Laundry. Donna Rosine minds the store while Billy Rosine delivers to customers. Since Donna was called for jury duty, there has been a closed sign on the door of their business for part of Monday and Tuesday.

“It was kind of an interference but we’re working around it,” Billy Rosine said Tuesday afternoon.

He finished his deliveries by 10:30 a.m. Monday and Tuesday and was able to reopen the store but it means working later in the evenings to get pressing and laundry finished for customers.

It was not known at press time whether Donna Rosine was chosen for jury duty.

Others, who asked not to be identified, know it’s their civic duty to serve but were concerned about their jobs, pay for the day, and other responsibilities.

And then there were Jackie Hawk and Marilyn Long of rural Marion, both retirees. They’ve been called to serve but never had the opportunity. For them, the process is a minor inconvenience.

“We all have to serve sometime,” Hawk said.

“That’s right,” Long said.

While Doug Regnier, an owner of Marion Auto Supply, was waiting for his turn in the foyer, he was wondering how things were going at the store. Oldest son, Adam Regnier, who helps at the store, was already in the auditorium as part of the first group. Owner Mike Regnier was having to operate the business alone.

Statutes set the number of people summoned based on the severity of charges, Helmer said.

The criminal complaint against Bowen contends that between June 22 and 28, 2010, he kidnapped, raped, and sodomized a 14-year-old, assisted Frederick in raping the same child, and assisted Gay in battering the same child.

The complaint against Frederick contends that during the same time, he kidnapped, raped, and made a criminal threat against the child, assisted Bowen in raping and sodomizing the child, and assisted Gay in battering the child.

The complaint against Gay contends that during the same time she kidnapped, battered, and made a criminal threat against the child, assisted both Bowen and Frederick raping the child, and assisted Bowen sodomizing the child. According to police reports at the time, the victim was mentally disabled.

Bowen was convicted in Nov. 27, 2000, for sexual crimes against three Marion County juveniles in 1999. He was charged with two counts of rape, one count of aggravated indecent liberties with a child, and three counts of indecent solicitation of a child.

Bowen pleaded to two counts of aggravated indecent liberties with a child in exchange for the dismissal of the remaining counts, Marion County District Court records show.

Bowen also was convicted Aug. 18, 1995, of sexual battery. He served a year in Marion County jail for the crime.

Assistant Attorney General Charles W. Klebe will prosecute the case.

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