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$575 for pizza and beer?

Staff writer

An unknown burglar apparently with an overwhelming craving for beer and pizza recently went to extremes to satisfy a destructive desire.

The perpetrator damaged screens and glass on three windows and kicked in a backdoor at 704 N. Cedar St. doing an estimated $550 damage to gain access to $5 of pizza and 22 cans of Keystone Light, valued at $20.

Marion Police Assistant Chief Clinton Jeffrey said the owner was more upset about the damage to the house than what was stolen, and curiously, nothing else in the house was disturbed or taken except for the missing pizza and beer.

Jeffrey said the burglar likely knew the victim and had prior knowledge of the alcohol and junk food.

“They knew what they wanted,” Jeffrey said. “Whoever it was didn’t go in there to steal stuff to pawn or sell. A lot of burglary happens to fuel people’s addictions. In this case, it could have been for alcohol.”

If caught the unknown person would face charges of burglary, theft, and criminal damage to property.

Last modified April 28, 2016