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Gaylord and Valera Hamm of Durham, Jim, Merna, and Morgan Hamm of Tampa, Marcella Mohn, Tim and Donna Diener, and Arlene Pankratz of Hillsboro took supper to the home of Gus and Mildred Hamm in Hillsboro on Monday to celebrate Mildred’s birthday.

Raymond Wiebe, John and Caryl Wiebe, and Don and Connie Isaac had breakfast at Tabor College Friday.

Saturday dinner guests of Wayne and Linda Friesen, who came to celebrate Wayne’s birthday, were Becky and Scott Peterson, Emma and Tripp of Marion; Carisa and Anthony Thiessen, Jacob and Brooklyn of Hillsboro; and Justin and Amy Friesen of Salina.

Larry and Ruth Hamm hosted a birthday supper for their daughter, Kathy Nachtigall of McPherson. Guests were the Nachtigalls, Russell and Donna Hamm of Canton, Ryan Hamm of Hutchinson, and Bill Hamm of Salina.

Irene Seibel was a Sunday dinner guest of Lucille Klassen.

Luncheon guests Jan. 31 at the home of Willis and Ruth Ann Penner were Kathryn Lee Flickinger and LaVerne and Jim Shaw of Moundridge.

Jan. 25-31

Andrew Pankratz of Emporia visited Arlene Pankratz and was her dinner guest on Jan. 27.

Duane and Shirley Hamm were guests of their family to celebrate Duane’s birthday at Yoder on Jan. 28. Others attending were Greg, Charlene, and Whitney Thiessen of McPherson, Tim and Cherie Goossen of Goessel, Ty Goossen of Manhattan, and Albert, Sarah, and Andrew Christenson of Bel Aire.

Duane and Shirley Hamm were guests of Florence and Wilbur Hett on Jan. 27 at a restaurant to celebrate Duane’s birthday.

Marcella Mohn’s family brought dinner to celebrate her birthday on Jan. 30. Gaylord and Valera Hamm of Durham, Arlene Pankratz, Gus and Mildred Hamm, Tim and Donna Diener of Hillsboro, and Jim Merna, and Morgan Hamm of Tampa were guests.

Frances Unruh, Beverly Elliott, and Arlene Pankratz visited Celia Gross for supper Jan. 30 to celebrate Elliott’s birthday.

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