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A game of chicken and egg

Let’s try to follow the logic. The state doesn’t want to make the Pilsen road a highway because it doesn’t get enough traffic, but the reason it gets so little traffic is that the road is so bad.

The only winner in this game of chicken and egg would seem to be interests in Wichita who are pushing to make Wichita, not Pilsen, be the primary home for Chaplain Kapaun artifacts.

It’s time everyone let State Rep. John Barker, State Sen. Jay Emler and Gov. Sam Brownback know that inaction on the Pilsen road is short-sighted.

If the state builds it, people will come. Without it, either they will risk life and limb to honor the person likely to become Kansas’ only saint, or his hometown will end up being ignored like so much rural inconvenience.

Investing in the Pilsen road would show that Kansas is ready to proactively encourage visitors to honor Kapaun’s heritage. Refusing to do so would clearly demonstrate lack of interest both in Kapaun’s legacy and in rural development that could occur by cultivating that interest.

— Eric Meyer

Last modified Sept. 19, 2013