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A healthy spin on jobs

News releases are a journalist’s junk mail.

We’ll snare story ideas from some, and for those few that have local angles, we’ll rewrite and publish them. The rest are dispatched to the realm of irrelevant oblivion.

We got one recently that 153 of you in the county should pay close attention to, because it explained why you have jobs here.

Since I’m not sure who all is in that 153, everybody keep reading along while I tell you who’s not.

If you work at the county’s two hospitals or any of our nursing homes, you’re not among the 153. If you’re a home health care provider, a dentist, a chiropractor, or a pharmacist, or if you work for any of those, you’re not, either. Veterinarians? No, not you.

Those I just mentioned, about 700 people in all, make up the health sector of the county’s economy, and according to the press release from Kansas State University’s Office of Local Government, and they’re the reason why 153 other folks have jobs right here in Marion County.

It’s estimated Marion County’s health care providers pump $14.7 million into county retail sales, and boost the income of others by $4.1 million. All that activity translates into 153 additional jobs.

A good health care system also is essential to attracting businesses that bring more jobs. While we don’t know right now who would be out there chasing those sorts of businesses to come to our fair county, you can be certain that an advantage we have over similar counties is health care.

Then again, it looks like you can call yourself an economic development director by using our local health care services whenever you can. By directing your money and faith in our local providers, you’re not just helping them, you’re helping some of your neighbors.

And the next time you see a certified nurse assistant come through your checkout line, you might give them a double thank you, for you may be one of the 153.

— david colburn

Last modified Dec. 16, 2015