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These accident reports were released this past week by law enforcement agencies:


US-56/77 at 260th Rd.

A two-car accident at 5:35 p.m. Feb. 17 was blamed on one driver’s attempt to pass a car that was in distress and whose driver was attempting to turn left off the highway.

Desire Brisby, 18, Abilene, was ticketed for allegedly improper passing after her 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix struck a turning 2008 Infiniti G37 owned and driven by Daniel Gilbert, 21, Fort Myers, Florida.

Brisby reported minor injuries but declined to be taken to a hospital by ambulance. Kasidy Anderson, 18, of a different Abilene address was a passenger in her car.

Gilbert’s Infiniti, which had its emergency flashers on at the time of the accident, had to be towed.

Indigo and 150th Rds.

Adam Kleiber, 41, Hillsboro, was arrested on suspicion of drunken driving and making an improper turn after he drove an Ag Services 2017 Ford F-150 pickup off the road while turning west onto Indigo at 12:01 a.m. Feb. 18.

The pickup struck a fence owned by Jonathan Maxfield and a county street sign before continuing about 400 feet into a field and running into a row of trees.

Kleiber had to be freed from the truck and suffered possible injuries but declined to be taken to a hospital. He instead was booked into Marion County Jail and released 5½ hours later on a $2,500 surety bond.

His arrest record indicated an additional expected charge, not mentioned in the accident report, of possessing a firearm while intoxicated.

US-77 south of 170th Rd.

Resley Simone, 18, Wichita, hit a deer with a 2012 Ford Focus owned by Lisa Simone, same address, at 6:24 p.m. Feb. 18. The car had to be towed.

US-56 west of Sunrise Rd./Cedar St.

Allan Engle, 59, Hutchinson, hit and killed a deer with his 1999 Mercury Marquis at 7:25 p.m. Feb. 18.

Nighthawk Rd. south of 110th Rd.

Dianna Adams, 58, Peabody, hit a deer with her 2005 Buick Century at 9:42 pm. Feb. 19. Her car had to be towed.

220th and Sunrise Rds.

Emma Fay, 17, Marion, slid a 2006 Subaru Legacy into the ditch and hit a fence owned by Kenneth Stuchlik as she attempted to turn north at a “T” intersection at 9:54 p.m. Feb. 20.

No injuries were reported, but the car, owned by Heather Fay of the same address, had to be towed. Deputy Aaron Slater’s report blamed the accident on driving too fast for icy conditions.

Indigo Rd. north of 70th Rd.

Normal Klemm, 84, Hillsboro, lost control of her 2007 Toyota Camry on icy, snow-packed blacktop and skidded into an embankment at 10:05 a.m. Wednesday.

She did not report being injured, but her car had to be towed.

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