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These accident reports were released this past week by law enforcement agencies:


US-56/77 north of 340th Rd.

Olivera L.F. Fuentes, 23, Manhattan, lost control of his 2010 Nissan Rogue in snow at 2:15 p.m. Dec. 22. The SUV slid off the road to the right and struck the driver’s side of a 2013 Chevrolet Avalanche parked in the ditch.

Deputy Landis Goodman’s report blamed the accident on the weather and driving too fast for conditions.

Damage to the parked Chevrolet, owned by Eric S. Willard of Alan, Texas, was not estimated. Damage to the front, sides, hood, and undercarriage of Fuentes’s Nissan was listed as disabling. The SUV was towed.

Fuentes was listed as possibly being injured but was not taken to a hospital. Passenger Alvarado Vazquez, 24, of the same Manhattan address, was listed as uninjured.

No tickets were issued.

Remington Rd. south of 250th Rd.

William E. Benda, 52, rural Marion, hit a deer at 8 p.m. Dec. 28 with a 2000 Chevrolet S10 owned by Irma J. Benda of the same address.

The pickup sustained damage to its front and hood but remained drivable.

US-77 north of 120th Rd.

A modular home was blown off a flatbed semi-trailer by 35 mph winds at 11:12 a.m. Dec. 29.

When his cargo shifted and fell into the right ditch, driver Logan Z. Buxton, 40, Arkansas City, lost control of his 2014 Kenworth MHT, owned by Bennett Truck Trans of Carbon Cliff, Illinois.

It veered off the road into the opposite ditch, traveling over a culvert and sustaining disabling damage to its undercarriage.

Buxton and his passenger, 15-year-old Lane Buxton of the same address, reported possible injuries but were not taken to a hospital.

The modular home was destroyed. Backhoes were used to scoop pieces of it into roll-off trash containers.

K-15 south of 140th Rd.

Lucas J. Wiens, 20, rural Goessel, hit a deer at 8:49 p.m. Dec. 29 with his 2003 Dodge Ram 2500, which sustained damage described as minor to its left front.

US-50/77 roundabout near Florence

Cyrillo Garcia, 83, Florence, stopped at 7:15 a.m. Dec. 30 but in foggy weather did not see a 2018 Toyota Tundra already in the roundabout.

The left front of Garcia’s 2011 Chrysler 200 struck the right rear of the Toyota, owned and driven by Hunter L. French, 23, Manhattan. Both vehicles remained drivable.

Deputy Kaylan Miles’s report blamed the accident on Garcia’s failing to yield and driving inattentively, but no tickets were issued.

Sunflower Rd. north of 150th Rd.

Corey A. Shields, 27, Marion, hit a deer at 9:18 p.m. Dec. 31 with her 2012 Chevrolet Malibu, which remained drivable despite damage to its front.

Remington Rd. south of 260th Rd.

Linnah A. Selley, 42, Marion, reported hitting a deer at 7:52 p.m. Jan. 1 and then driving her 2015 Kia Sedona home.

The car sustained what was described as minor damage to its front, hood, and driver’s side.

Ten-year-old James C. Selley of the same address was a passenger.

K-15 south of 280th Rd.

Mark C. Will, 59, Wichita, hit a deer at 5:42 p.m. Jan. 3 with his 2017 Chevrolet Traverse, which sustained damage to its windshield and driver’s side but remained drivable.

Susan Will, 64, of the same address and 4-year-old Kendrick Majano of a different Wichita address were passengers.

US-50 east of Bluestem Rd.

Edgar D. Osorio-Barrios, 40, Holcomb, reported hitting a deer at 6:40 p.m. Jan. 4 with his 2010 Chrysler Town and Country and then driving the SUV, which sustained damage to its front, right, and hood, to Flying Eagle truck stop in Florence.

330th Rd. east of Eagle Rd.

Jeanna C. Rivir, 46, Durham, hit a deer at 8:25 a.m. Thursday with her 2013 BMW X5, which sustained damage characterized as minor to it driver’s side.

230th Rd. east of Alfalfa Rd.

Kaitlin N. Brunner, 24, rural Marion, hit a deer at 5:25 a.m. Friday with her 2012 Kia Sorrento, which remained drivable despite damage to its left front.

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