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Activists hit the road for pro-life cause

News editor

Local motorists accustomed to seeing a solitary billboard as they round the curve on US-56 at the Hillsboro Cove turnoff at Marion Reservoir had 40 more signs to look at Sunday.

Pro-life Marion and Hillsboro church members gathered at the corner to form what pro-life activist group Kansans for Life calls a “Life Chain.” Teen-agers, middle-agers, and senior citizens stood along the shoulder waving placards with pro-life messages at each car and truck that drove past.

“We had 268 vehicles pass by today,” Gib Suderman said. “If there was one lady in there that’s expecting and thinking of abortion, this could change her life.”

The event has been going on for about 25 years, organizer Denice Bina said.

“At one point when we first started, we got most churches involved, but I don’t think we get the word out quite as good as we used to as far as getting all the churches in Marion County involved,” Bina said.

Suderman said he thought participation was up over last year.

“We probably had eight to 10 more than we usually have,” he said.

Elaine Suderman, Gib’s wife, has participated in all but the first Life Chain, she said.

“It’s important for me to be here because I feel like we’ve let this sin go on too long,” Suderman said. “It’s important to take a stand against it.”

Laverne Bina said he’s been attending for five years, and while he hasn’t received much feedback about the event, he believes the group’s message is noticed.

“We feel like we’re doing some good or we wouldn’t be doing it,” he said.

“Our stand is just a prayerful, silent stand,” Denice Bina said. “It’s a reflection time for each one of us out here as we stand for the unborn on a glorious day God’s given us.”

More than 60 communities in Kansas hosted Life Chain events Sunday, but Bina said advocacy efforts go on year-round.

“Kansans for Life has education packets for people in schools, they have a presence at the state fair, they have walks for life,” Bina said. “They try to be an education presence wherever they can.

“I think we are changing the hearts and minds of people about abortion.”

Last modified Oct. 9, 2014