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Menu subject to change. Fruit and milk available with all meals. Cereal and juice available at breakfast.



Thursday — Whole grain muffin (elementary); breakfast pizza.

Friday — Yogurt (elementary); muffin.

Monday — Breakfast pizza (elementary); pancake sausage bites.

Tuesday — Mini pancakes (elementary); mini waffles, yogurt.

March 15 — Omelet, toast (elementary); string cheese.

March 16 — Yogurt (elementary); sausage patty, biscuit.


Thursday — Pig in a blanket, macaroni and cheese, peas, coleslaw, lettuce toss (elementary).

Friday — Grilled cheese sandwich, tomato soup, potato soup, lettuce toss (elementary).

Monday — Hot ham and cheese on a whole grain bun, french fries, lettuce toss (elementary).

Tuesday — Beef fajita, rice, refried beans, lettuce toss (elementary).

March 15 — Chicken strips, scalloped potatoes, green beans, biscuits, steamed broccoli, whole grain dinner roll (elementary).

March 16 — Cavatini, broccoli with cheese, French bread, green beans, whole wheat bread (elementary).


Menu subject to change. Fruit, juice and milk available with all meals. Cereal choice available for middle and high schools.



Thursday — Waffles.

Friday — Long John, cereal choice.

Monday — Maple pancakes.

Tuesday — Breakfast sticks.

March 15 — Doughnut, cereal choice.

March 16 — French toast sticks.


Thursday — Corn chip chili pie, corn.

Friday — Chicken patty, sandwich bar, broccoli.

Monday — Sausage pizza, broccoli Normandy, green peppers.

Tuesday — Hamburger, baked beans, baby carrots, sliced onions.

March 15 — Chicken strips, oven browned potatoes, garden salad, rolls, salad dressing.

March 16 — Tacos, corn.



Thursday — Biscuit, sausage patty.

Friday — Chicken roll.

Monday — Waffles.

Tuesday — Doughnut.

March 15 — Strawberry pancakes.

March 16 — Breakfast bites.


Thursday — Pork rib sandwich, corn.

Friday — Sausage pizza, peas.

Monday — Chicken strips, mashed potatoes, carrots, graham cracker snacks.

Tuesday — Tacos, refried beans.

March 15 — Sausage gravy, biscuit, oven browned potato.

March 16 — Philly steak sandwich, winter mix.

Last modified March 9, 2017