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area schools

Menu subject to change. Fruit and milk available with all meals. Cereal and juice available at breakfast.



Thursday — Whole grain muffin, breakfast pizza (elementary).

Friday — Breakfast burrito, French toast sticks (elementary).

Monday — Mini waffles, string cheese, breakfast sausage bites (elementary).

Tuesday — Muffin, whole grain waffles (elementary).

April 5 — Sausage patty, biscuit, whole grain biscuit (elementary).

April 6 — Pancake sausage wrap, yogurt, whole grain muffin (elementary).


Thursday — Corn dog, potato salad, bierock, green beans, lettuce toss (elementary).

Friday — Rainbow trout or grilled chicken on a whole grain bun, potato tots, salad bar, lettuce toss (elementary).

Monday — Beef steak fingers, mashed potatoes with gravy, salad bar, biscuit, lettuce toss (elementary).

Tuesday — Chicken teriyaki, rice, vegetable bar, wintermix vegetables, whole grain dinner roll.

April 5 — Tacos, refried beans, corn, cinnamon bun.

April 6 — Deli turkey on whole grain bun, criss cut fries, salad bar, triangle potatoes, lettuce toss (elementary).


Menu subject to change. Fruit, juice and milk available with all meals. Cereal choice available for middle and high schools.



Thursday — Mini cinnamon rolls.

Friday — Breakfast bites.

Monday — Streusel coffee cake.

Tuesday — Cinnamon raisin biscuits, strawberry smoothie.

April 5 — Chicken biscuit.

April 6 — Sausage gravy, biscuits.


Thursday — Hero sandwich, sweet potato puffs, peas, sandwich bar.

Friday — Chili, cornbread, celery sticks, cucumbers.

Monday — Fish sticks, oven browned potatoes, broccoli, tartar sauce.

Tuesday — Taco burger, corn salsa, steamed carrots.

April 5 — Spaghetti with meat sauce, garden salad, pears, rolls, salad dressing.

April 6 — Chicken nuggets, rice pilaf, broccoli, pumpkin pudding.



Thursday — Breakfast sticks.

Friday — Cherry frudel, string cheese.

Monday — Blueberry waffle.

Tuesday — Breakfast burrito.

April 5 — Biscuit, sausage gravy.

April 6 — Doughnut, yogurt.


Thursday — Corn chip chili pie, corn.

Friday — Hamburger, baked beans, carrots.

Monday — Country fried steak, mashed potatoes.

Tuesday — Taco salad, corn salsa.

April 5 — Barbecue chicken sandwich, oven browned potatoes, peas.

April 6 — Lasagna, green beans, rolls.

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