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area schools

Menu subject to change. Fruit and milk available with all meals. Cereal and juice available at breakfast.



Thursday — No-crust sandwich, whole grain waffles, (elementary).

Friday —Omelet, toast, yogurt (elementary).

Monday — Yogurt, breakfast sausage bites, (elementary).

Tuesday — Mini waffles, string cheese, mini pancakes, (elementary).

April 26 — Muffin, yogurt, whole grain biscuit, sausage patty, (elementary).

April 27 — French toast sticks, string cheese, omelet, toast, (elementary).


Thursday — Sausage or cheese pizza, salad bar, corn; bierock, green beans, lettuce toss, (elementary).

Friday — Bierock or corn dog, green beans, potato salad, salad bar.

Monday — Meatballs, roasted potatoes, salad bar, whole grain dinner roll; mashed potatoes, lettuce toss (elementary).

Tuesday — Beef and bean burrito, corn, vegetable bar; corn chip chili pie, cinnamon roll (elementary).

April 26 — Hamburger on a whole grain bun, chips, baked beans, carrots, ice cream; french fries (elementary).

April 27 — Spaghetti pie, green beans, salad bar, whole grain French bread; lettuce toss (elementary).


Menu subject to change. Fruit, juice and milk available with all meals. Cereal choice available for middle and high schools.



Thursday — French toast sticks.

Friday — Cheese omelet, toast.

Monday — Blueberry muffin.

Tuesday — Egg and cheese crispito.

April 26 — Hot oatmeal, strawberry smoothie.

April 27 — Mini cinnamon rolls.


Thursday — Tacos, corn.

Friday — Chicken drummette, mashed potatoes, green beans, graham cracker snacks.

Monday — Chicken and rotini, mashed potatoes, broccoli with cheese.

Tuesday — Sloppy Joes, potato tots, green beans.

April 26 — Nachos, tortilla chips, baby carrots.

April 27 — Hero sandwich, sweet potato puffs, peas, sandwich bar.



Thursday — Breakfast bites.

Friday — Cheese omelet, cinnamon toast.

Monday — Maple pancakes.

Tuesday — Mini cinnamon rolls, yogurt.

April 26 — Breakfast pizza.

April 27 — Breakfast sticks.


Thursday — Philly steak sandwich, winter mix.

Friday — Chicken patty, green beans.

Monday — Quesadilla, refried beans, broccoli Normandy.

Tuesday — Spaghetti with meat sauce, green beans, rolls.

April 26 — Hero sandwich, sweet potato puffs, mixed vegetables.

April 27 — Corn chip chili pie, corn.

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