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Awning to add protection, nostalgia

Staff writer

As construction progresses on a new awning at Vogt’s Hometown Market in Hillsboro, customers might notice the added protection from elements. However, it will not be until all is finished that nostalgic reasons for the new addition will become apparent.

“The old one was just temporary, and it’s been down for a year already,” owner Todd Vogt said on Tuesday. “It was just an old green canvas canopy, and I had to take it down before the snow last winter so it wouldn’t collapse on anyone.”

Vogt said he plans to finish the new awning off with Santa Fe style tiles on the roof, reminiscent of the store’s family history when it was located downtown Hillsboro almost 10 years ago.

“We’ve been in this building since 2003,” Vogt said. “I always wanted to have it look more like the old store; this awning gives us a chance to do a little more with the architectural design.”

Vogt said an engineering department from grocery warehouse designed the front addition. Lane Dyck, a local contractor from Durham, is building the awning.

“We haven’t figured out how we will use the space yet,” Vogt said. “We are kind of waiting until it is all done to figure that out.”

With weather changes prevalent this time of year, Vogt said the cashiers were already noticing a difference in airflow.

“We’ve gone too long without our front door protected,” he said. “This is nice.”

Last modified Jan. 30, 2013