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Baker pleased with bierock variation

Special-ordered for Marion Christmas Celebration

News editor

Rachel Schmidt of Norel Farms Bakery in Hillsboro recently received a special order for bierocks made with sausage instead of ground beef, to be served at Marion’s Christmas Celebration on Dec. 1.

In 15 years of making bierocks, she had never tried them with sausage, but she is always interested in trying new flavor combinations. So on Friday she set to filling the special order, as well as making others for regular customers.

The only change Schmidt made from her usual recipe was substituting Dale’s sausage for hamburger.

“I think it adds to it, personally,” Schmidt’s daughter and assistant, Esther, said after taste-testing the final product.

Esther said the spicy flavor from the sausage wasn’t immediately noticeable, but that it came a few seconds after the first bite. Schmidt agreed; she said she liked the full flavor Dale’s sausage added to the bierock.

“The sausage has its own spice, where hamburger doesn’t,” she said.

She said the variation was a success where flavor was concerned, and she decided to keep some sausage bierock on hand for customers who prefer them.

Last modified Nov. 21, 2013