• Last modified 797 days ago (April 14, 2022)


Bird flu gets even closer to county

State officials confirmed Monday that highly pathogenic avian influenza has been found in a commercial chicken flock in McPherson County.

As a result, commercial and backyard poultry in a 20-kilometer surveillance zone that includes McPherson, Moundridge, Buhler, Inman, and Conway has been quarantined.

The disease can cause severe illness and sudden death in chickens, turkeys, and other birds. It also can spread to humans, but this is relatively rare and has not been reported.

Symptoms include coughing, sneezing, nasal discharge, and other signs of respiratory distress; lack of energy and appetite; decreased water consumption; decreased egg production or soft-shelled, misshapen eggs; lack of coordination; and diarrhea. Birds can die even without exhibiting symptoms.

Last modified April 14, 2022