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Bless the beasts

The weather this winter hasn’t been as unforgiving to us in Marion County as some years but it still concerns me to see pets outdoors.

In any kind of weather, pets need adequate shelter, food, and water.

Too many times we’ve seen dogs tied to trees and their leashes becoming tangled, making them unable to reach a pan of food or water. What a miserable existence for these creatures.

During these winter months, water containers need to be checked. Water freezes this time of year, making it impossible for pets to drink.

What about a horse in an open corral with no shelter? We realize the horse is livestock and is supposed to be outdoors but every animal deserves refuge from the weather. If a barn or building were not available, at least a tree would be nice.

These are all God’s creatures and should be treated with dignity.

It breaks my heart every time I hear about some loser who abuses an animal. Why would anyone do that to a helpless creature?

Our domestic pets count on us to take care of them. They have no choice. They didn’t choose us — we chose them. We are their only source of comfort and their survival depends on us.

In another vein, I cannot stand the notion of letting farm animals in the house. On various television shows, I’ve seen potbelly pigs treated as house pets. Yuck.

A potbelly pig is still a pig. Putting a collar on it and calling it “Babe” doesn’t change it.

When I was a child, we raised hogs, so I know how smart and trainable they can be but I do not want one in my house.

Respecting each other and animals is what separates us from the beasts. Without that, we are no better than the lowliest creatures.

That’s why it is up to us to protect God’s creatures. If we see an animal not being cared for or abused, get involved. Notify authorities.

— susan berg

Last modified March 4, 2009