• Last modified 667 days ago (July 23, 2020)


Both lakes under algae warning

Marion Reservoir and Marion County Lake are now under blue-green algae warnings. The lake has been subject to a warning for several weeks, but Thursday's announcement from the Kansas Department of Health and Environment elevated what had been only a watch at the reservoir to a warning.

Statewide, six other lakes, including Cheney Reservoir, are under warnings. Eleven others, including Milford Lake, are under less severe watches. Watches on five other bodies of water were lifted Thursday.

All contact with lake or reservoir water should be avoided. Washing with clear water after contacting lake or reservoir water is recommended. Fish may be eaten, but only the fillet portion and only after it is rinsed with clean water.

A paint-like scum or bright green color to water indicates a potentially toxic algae bloom. Animals that swim in or drink such water or eat dried algae along the shore may become seriously ill or die.

All blue-green algae are toxic. Some create minor rashes or upset the digestive or respiratory system. Others, relatively rare, contain potent neurotoxins that can be lethal. The precise type of algae cannot be determined by eye. Laboratory tests are required.

Last modified July 23, 2020