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Swapping more than just merchandise online

Staff writer

Eileen Sieger sold an American flag, Eunice Christensen listed her piano, and Douglas Calam turned Mustang headlights into cash, but the best feature of the Marion County Swap Site on Facebook for Marion area residents is the ISO option.

“I just love that you can post that you are looking for something, In Search Of,” Robin Dicks said. “It’s like a big community garage sale without all the hassle of getting things out and ready. Someone always seems to know someone else who might have what you are looking for. I enjoy how people just chime in and are always so helpful.”

The online swap site is nothing new to the community, but it gives people a chance to visit with those whom they might never had otherwise.

“I’ve met a lot of interesting people from Marion, Harvey, even Reno County through things I’ve advertised on the swap site,” Dicks said. “Just in this past year I’ve sold a big recliner and several figurines. I even have an extra wedding dress listed right now.”

Sieger, who said she had been part of the swap site for several years, said the success she had selling individual items was a good way to put reduce, reuse, and recycle concepts into practice.

“I like to keep things organized at home, so when I cleanup I first always support the hospital auxiliary by giving them some of the things, but sometimes there are individual items that I think someone else might want,” she said. “I’ve really had a lot of success there. I elect to get inbox notifications so I can keep up with what is going on. Sometimes I see things on there that I know my friends might be interested in, so I am sure to tell them about it.”

When Andrew West of Marion was in the process of moving, he sold his desk and bookcases by listing them on the swap site.

“I actually found the site when I was living in Reno County,” he said. “And when I needed to move some things, this gave me connections locally that really helped.”

Calam was not so lucky in listing his Mustang headlights for sale. He said he actually sold them to a guy he saw driving down the street in a car similar to his but with dingy lights. Still, he said the site worked for many people and he checked it out regularly.

“I guess it just depends on what you have for sale and who is looking,” he said. “Some of the bigger items might not move as quickly, but it is a good service and people list all kinds of things on there.”

Roman and Rebecca Hofer of Marion listed their stacked washer and dryer set for sale just last week.

“This is the first time we are trying this,” Roman said. “My wife is expecting a baby and we could use the cash more than the stuff, so I hope it works.”

Christensen also is hoping her piano add works soon.

“My piano is in almost mint condition,” she said. “I just can’t play it much anymore because I have arthritis in my hands. I hope someone who can use it and appreciate it will buy it.”

Chances are, with more than 1,000 current new members and 10 or more being added daily, items listed there have a good chance of finding new homes. The people who sell them will likely be glad for the cash, and for the opportunity to spend it on other unique items listed there.

Last modified March 21, 2013