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Buyers benefit from school surplus auction

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Overhead projectors, old piano benches, and a metal coaches’ stand no longer served a purpose at USD 410, but several buyers at the school’s surplus auction Thursday in Hillsboro had ideas for turning obsolete items into useful treasure.

“When we walked up to that pile of overhead projectors, I told Roger (Hiebert) if he could sell those he was some auctioneer,” said Lyle Leppke, partner in Leppke Inc. Realty and Auction which conducted the auction. “By golly he got $7 and $8 each for them. Somebody must have had a use for them.”

Many items sold for $1 or $2 as the school liquidated old supplies, outdated equipment, and miscellaneous items to make room for newer items.

“We needed to do this to get rid of the junk,” said custodial manager Keith Goossen. “We made some money, that was nice, but the real reason we held the auction was to clean up space.”

Katie Evans, 11, of Hillsboro tried to buy several items but had success only on two piano benches. She paid $2 for each bench.

“I’m so glad to get these,” Katie said. “I am going to clean them up; sand them, paint them with colorful trim, and put them in my room to store things in.”

Leppke said one of the biggest prices paid at the auction was for a metal stand, likely used by coaches overseeing football practice.

“I don’t know for sure, but I am guessing the person that bought that stand is going to take it out in the woods and put it up for a deer hunting stand,” Leppke said. “It is just perfect for that.”

The stand sold for $250. Also bringing in cash for the district was a pile of lumber that sold for $90, and a Heckendorn lawn mower that went for $65.

“There was a time when every school district in the county had a Heckendorn,” Leppke said. “Those were good mowers and until about 10 years ago they were still being made at businesses in Peabody and Cedar Point.”

Scott O’Hara got a good deal on padded mats he plans to put in his basement for a home wrestling room. And, Bob Dahl took home an art kiln for less than $5.

Hillsboro FFA members served concessions as a fundraiser for future activities.

Last modified July 25, 2012