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Campus carcass not so unusual

Staff writer

A residence director at Tabor College called police late Sunday night to report a large deer lying on the sidewalk.

Someone must have picked it up and dumped it, but that is not the first time this has happened.

Hillsboro police officers rolled over the animal and noted it was deceased. They did not see any bullet holes.

“Apparently it had been struck by a vehicle,” assistant chief Jessey Hiebert said.

Students have left all types of dead animals over the years including deer, he said.

“A deer was left hanging in a tree when I dealt with it,” he said. “Here, it was just left on a sidewalk outside Cedar Hall dorms.”

Hiebert can’t specify other species that have been dumped, but said he has seen more than one carcass since he joined Hillsboro police in the early 90s.

“Just roadkill,” he said. “A dead animal, they just find it and dump in campus. I have no reason why — I can’t understand half of what they do over there.”

Officers only inspect the carcass and file a report of the incident. Disposal is left to maintenance staff at the college.

“They have to deal with a lot of messes I am sure,” he said.

Last modified March 18, 2021