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Candidate: Rural growth most important for district

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The United States needs a “new Homestead Act” — especially Kansas’ 1st Congressional District — candidate Rob Wasinger said.

Rural communities have spent too long exporting young people to cities, he said. It is time to provide incentives for young people to return to small towns and start businesses after they graduate college.

“I’m the jobs candidate in this race,” Wasinger said.

He said he is interested in securing the economy for the future, for people’s children and grandchildren. There is too much spending in the federal government, he said.

He thinks there is still a chance to repeal the Obama administration’s health care package, which he said is wasteful spending. He said a market-based solution would be better.

“I’m a Republican who believes we need to build the roads and defend the homeland,” Wasinger said.

He was raised in Hays, and his parents still live here. After high school he earned an economics degree from Harvard University.

After college, Wasinger worked for Gov. Bill Graves and Rep. Jerry Moran. He has been Sen. Sam Brownback’s chief of staff for five years. He now lives in Cottonwood Falls.

Wasinger and his wife, Meghan, have nine children: Stephen, 16; Sebastian, 12; Carolina, 11; August, 9; Maddy, 8; Basil, 6; Paddy, 5; Frankie, 3; and Anselm, 2. They also are expecting another child; Meghan had a May 22 due date.

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Last modified June 3, 2010