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Cash stolen under prosecutor’s nose

Staff writer

Someone stole an envelope containing cash and a money order from a desktop counter at the county attorney’s office Wednesday afternoon.

County Attorney Courtney Boehm told county commissioners during Monday’s meeting that two individuals came into the office late that afternoon, one of whom has a number of bad check charges against her. An envelope containing $1,244 was left on a counter while staff members were busy with the individuals.

After the two individuals left the office, staff discovered the envelope was gone. The missing $1,244 included $761 in restitution to victims and $483 in diversion fees, Boehm said.

Boehm said employees of the office, as well as courthouse employees, are not suspected in the theft. She reviewed footage from security cameras with Marion police Thursday.

“The envelope was seen leaving,” Boehm said.

Police are investigating the incident, Boehm said.

Assistant police chief Clinton Jeffrey said police have spoken to witnesses but not yet located the suspect to question her.

Boehm suggested putting a split door in the office so people can remain outside and staff can deal with them over the bottom half of the door.

An insurance claim has been filed for the lost money, Boehm said.

Last modified April 27, 2017