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Catalytic converter stolen at Centre

This isn’t the first time it has happened, but someone stole a catalytic converter off a school bus at Centre sometime during the weekend. Most buses are parked outside.

“We don’t know when it happened, but when Nanette started her bus this morning, it was pretty noisy,” Superintendent Larry Geist said.

He called authorities and gave them surveillance videos from the site.

Geist said the school would bear the cost of replacing the converter because its insurance deductible is higher than that. It is estimated to be about $2,000.

The district had two catalytic converters stolen in September 2019 and again in May 2020.

Catalytic converters are valuable on the black market because of the precious metals they contain, such as palladium and platinum. They can be sawed off, leaving an 18-inch gap between the engine and the muffler.

Fewer workers in the mines and supply chain disruptions have caused precious metals to skyrocket in price.

Last modified Jan. 13, 2022