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Charges filed in Tabor beatings

Lance Carter and Tabarrius Quordez Coffey were charged in an incident that left a former Tabor football player hospitalized on Oct. 26.

Carter was one of two athletes that suffered injuries that night, the other being Manuel Michael Pineda. Pineda was hospitalized that night while Carter reported his injuries the next day.

Carter is the alleged perpetrator of the assault against Pineda.

Carter was charged with aggravated battery and disorderly conduct for brawling. Coffey was charged with aiding and abetting aggravated battery and disorderly conduct for brawling.

Charges against Carter were filed Oct. 27, while charges against Coffey were not filed until Nov. 18.

Carter is a basketball player who played for the Tabor College Bluejays last season as a freshman. He is no longer listed on the 2014-15 roster.

Pineda also was recently removed from the Tabor football roster.

The warrant for Carter’s arrest was executed by sheriff’s officer Travis Wilson and Carter was booked in the Marion County Jail Nov. 19.

Last modified Nov. 27, 2014