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Children change, but Funk remains

Staff writer

For school secretary Pati Funk, no two days are ever the same, even after 29 years.

While some duties may stay the same, such as preparing morning announcements or checking emails, Funk said there is almost always something different that comes up, which brings new activity behind the desk at Hillsboro Middle/High School.

“As much as we hope each day is normal, it never is,” Funk, who has been with the school for 29 years, said. She works alongside Jessica Fine and Kathy Klein.

“What I do during the day depends on what events are happening here at the school,” she said.

Funk handles student information, keeps food service records, acts as a receptionist, and is in charge of accounting for activity accounts.

“We do a lot of the behind-the -scenes work that no one ever sees,” she said. But it’s also not all paperwork.

“There’s more to the job than just sitting at the desk,” she said.

Clint Corby, principal of Hillsboro Middle/High School, said Funk’s role is critical.

“She keeps things moving and doing things behind the scenes that people don’t even realize she does,” Corby said. “Whenever someone has a question or a problem, she’s oftentimes the first person who can help them. She’s a terrific asset.”

From taking care of sick students to helping students find how to get to a classroom, Funk has done it all.

“I enjoy working with the kids and the teachers and administration — helping everyone’s day to go a little smoother,” she said.

And the work is all worthwhile when she sees her impact lasting beyond a student’s seven years at the Hillsboro Middle/High School.

“Seeing a smile, hearing a thank you (makes it worth it),” she said. “The kids who stop by the office just to say ‘hi’, the kids who wave to me or say ‘hi’ years after they’ve graduated.”

Last modified Aug. 30, 2017