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Chisholm Trail Outfitters deal more than guns

Staff writer

Owners of Chisholm Trail Outfitters Craig Dodd and Jim Navrat say business has boomed since moving to their new and bigger location on Western Heights Rd. in Hillsboro, from a previous location on Western Heights Rd.

“It’s been very successful with lots of local participation,” Dodd said.

The partners are not only gun and ammunition dealers, they also sell horse tack, western novels by Louis L ‘Amour, and western and home goods.

Customers walk in not only find both Dodd and Navrat ready to assist them, but two greeters: Sister, a Westland terrier, and a grizzly bear rug.

“They’re our robber protection,” Dodd said jokingly.

Both Navrat and Dodd are avid hunters.

“I like to hunt deer and elk with both gun and bow,” Dodd said.

Like hunting, the store is a hobby for the two retirees. Dodd said they both have enjoyed helping customers find what they are looking for, and to offer people in Marion County something no one else does.

“There’s no one else around that sells tack or hunting supplies,” Dodds said. “The closest store is in McPherson, and that doesn’t help the area. We want to try to provide anything hunters, or anyone would need to save people the drive so money can stay local.

Dodds said the people of Hillsboro have been kind and supportive.

Navrat builds metal targets and custom large-area deer feeders. He said he spends four hours a week metalworking. They also do gun smithing and repair tack.

The new building leaves plenty of room for expansion.

“We have a temporary wall we can remove, and we built the building like we did so we can add 20 foot sections to the back of the building,” he said.

The duo also buys used tack, used guns, and is a dealer for Derkson Buildings. Dodd hopes they will soon have the opportunity to sell electric ATVs.

“We sell everything from guns and ammo to paintball and pellet guns, something for everyone,” Dodd said. “We’ve really enjoyed it.”

Last modified Oct. 3, 2013