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Christmas spirit comes to Hillsboro

Staff writer

Jenny Pohlmann, teller at Great Plains Federal Credit Union in Hillsboro, admitted that decorating for Christmas is not her favorite activity, but the Monday after Thanksgiving, it became a top priority at her workplace.

“I don’t consider myself an expert at it, but I like when things look pretty,” she said. “It helps get me in the Christmas spirit.”

Pohlmann used strings of lights and huge solid-colored balls to brighten a Christmas tree in the credit union lobby, while over at Jan’s Floral and Design, 108 S. Main St., Jan Franz tied bright red ribbons on poinsettias.

“I have 100 ordered,” Franz said. “They will all be ready for our Christmas special this Saturday.”

Sparkling crystal mistletoe holders, lighted Christmas message boards, Christian-message cards, and a variety of holiday decorations filled the shelves and aisles of Franz’s shop.

“By the weekend I hope to have our special window display up,” Franz said. “This year I am flocking several tumbleweed thistles. I’ve seen it done and it really is pretty.”

Franz said pink, teal, and white colors augmented the traditional Christmas decoration colors of red and green this year.

“There are just a lot of very colorful ways to decorate this year,” she said. “Feathers are popular and the artificial trees come in all colors, but the poinsettias really seem to signify that it’s time for Christmas.”

With a wreath around his head, Robert Brandt at The Etcetera Shop, 109 N. Main St., tried to keep up with fellow volunteer workers Kathy Jury and Carol Abrahams as they sorted through Christmas donations for resale at the thrift store.

“I don’t know which way is up anymore,” he said. “There’s so much stuff here. We are just trying to pull out the good items.”

Shop manager Abrahams said donations of Christmas items arrived year-round, but the Monday after Thanksgiving was one of their biggest days to process new inventory.

“We just get inundated after the holiday weekend,” she said. “I think people are cleaning out their Christmas storage, keeping what they want, and sending us the rest. There are some beautiful items here that need to be put back into use.”

Decorative angels for tree-toppers, candles and candle- holders, cards, wrapping paper, Santa hats, and many other Christmas items filled the front of the store, as well as the back processing room.

“I just hope somebody comes and buys these bears,” Jury said, hugging two Christmas-clothed teddy bears. “They are so cute, and in excellent shape, perfect for someone to love.”

Many business owners in Hillsboro are making a special effort to get Christmas decorations up and in place for the Down Home Christmas Celebration scheduled for Saturday.

Last modified Nov. 28, 2012