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City of Tampa offers mowing to new resident

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Mayor Tim Svoboda said one new resident’s yard was getting out of hand and he has no mower. He suggested that if the resident cleared his yard of debris, the city would offer one mowing as a welcome to Tampa. Wilbert Backhus and Paul Backhus both offered to mow his yard.

City Clerk Donna Backhus looked for key ordinances and found some to copy and send to new residents in town.

Craig Bell came to the Tampa city council meeting June 3 to clarify plans for the shed he was hired to construct. He said the rough plan he had been given was difficult to read. Mayor Tim Svoboda and Ty Peterson clarified that they wanted a 30x40 foot shed with three roll-up doors and two walk-in doors.

A property owner, who lives out of town, asked about using the city’s tractor to clean up his property. The consensus was that the tractor would be too tall to get under his trees.

There was a discussion of drainage problems. Water had been flushed through one culvert and cleared some of the debris clogging it.

Others need to be cleared and further work done. Possible methods of attacking the problem were offered, but no action was taken.

Last modified June 13, 2013