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City, school taxes rising, too

Property owners may see increases in taxes this next year if the county and some cities get their way.

Published budgets indicated increases for most government entities.

The county increased the mill levy by 1.76 percent, which means a person who owns a $100,000 house will see a $13 increase.

The most significant increase may be Hillsboro — proposing a 3.89 percent increase — but the effect on taxpayers is less than Marion’s increase.

Based on a $100,000 house, Hillsboro’s proposed increase would cost taxpayers $17.97 per year. Marion’s 3.11 percent increase could cost taxpayers $22.09 per year in increased property taxes.

Ramona’s mill levy remains unchanged but remains the highest in the county at 113.991. Florence, at 83.907, is next to the highest.

Durham is the lowest at 7.298.

Some cities actually lowered expenses. Lost Springs decreased its mill levy by 5 percent and Florence’s proposed budget for 2011 lowers the mill levy by 3.94 percent or about $40 per year on a $100,000 house. The mill levy was slightly lower for Peabody as well.

City officials in Lincolnville and Tampa were able to hold the line and did not increase or decrease expenses.

All five school districts are proposing increases with the highest coming from USD 410 at 9.64 percent — the maximum the district can levy — adding another $65 to taxpayers’ tax bill.

The smallest increase is proposed by Centre at .01 percent. Centre also has the lowest mill levy at 45.474.

Last modified Aug. 12, 2010