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Clerk a big bidder as auction raises $18,000

Staff writer

A first-ever Hillsboro city auction lasted four hours longer than expected and raised $18,000, but one patron got special thanks at last week’s city council meeting.

Items auctioned off included excess inventory from Hillsboro museums, excess city supplies, statues and décor items stored out of sight instead of on display, and similar items.

City employees from all departments combed through supplies and assigned items for the sale.

“I would like to offer my extreme thanks for a job well done with the sale,” mayor Lou Thurston said. “A lot of people worked very hard.”

City clerk Danielle Bartel’s was singled out.

“Danielle, I will just say you don’t have to buy everything,” Thurston said.

“That globe looks so nice in my office,” Bartel happily told council members.

City administrator Matt Stiles said one plan for use of auction profits was to choose a project for Schaeffler House museum.

A dead possum earlier found in Schaeffler House while items were being sorted, and which prompted the museum director to call Stiles and say she was quitting in five minutes, was not offered for sale.

Last modified May 25, 2022