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Commission takes first step toward extension district

Staff writer

County commissioners Monday set the wheels in motion for Marion and Dickinson Counties to begin forming an extension district when they approved a resolution of intention to merge the two districts into one district.

Extension agent Ricky Roberts and Chris Onstad of the Kansas State University’s Northeast Regional Office talked to commissioners about the benefits of banding with Dickinson County and the steps that must be gone through in order to forge a district.

“Without question, this is about advancement of services,” Roberts told commissioners.

Forming a single district will add four extension agents to Marion County because the district will serve residents of both counties.

Dickenson County commissioners must also approve a resolution of intention to become a district.

Then agents and boards of both counties go to work to forge an operational agreement, which would also need to be approved.

After that, the merger agreement would be sent to Kansas State University.

If KSU approves, the agreement is sent to the Attorney General’s Office in time for final approval by July 1 – the only day a district can be formed, Roberts said.

Last modified Jan. 29, 2020