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Commissioner wants honest budget requests

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Marion County Commissioners began the meeting Monday by setting a time for a pre-budget setting meeting with department heads July 19.

Commissioner Randy Dallke said he wants department heads to be honest about what they need.

“Some threw the moon out there hoping we’d give them the rocket to go there,” Dallke said.

Commissioners discussed suspending wage increases but decided to assess each department individually.

On Monday, the county’s two top spending departments both had updates about expenses.


Architect Andy Pitts of Treanor Architects told commissioners that a solution was needed to address drainage into the creek east of the new jail building.

He suggested placing a swale, a concrete slope, to drain water into the creek. He will consult with City of Marion representatives about the proper course of action. The property to the north of the jail building, where the Marion Post Office is located, is owned by the city. Commissioners agreed it would be easier dealing with the city than private property owners to the east and south of the building.

Pitts updated the commission on other expenses. Concrete work for the parking lot of the jail ended up being $6,700 less than the $29,000 projected. The county also saved $3,000 by eliminating refrigeration for the evidence locker.

Some large expenses included $14,700 for mobile storage unit and adding a water hook up for an ice maker cost $3,900.

Pitts said jail personnel, five jailers, two of which are new, could begin training at the new facility in July. Prisoners could move over in August.

Road and Bridge

Road and Bridge Superintendent Randy Crawford told the commission that he would be able to lease a striper from Harvey County. However, with the time schedule established for road projects — 330th, 60th, 40th, and 30th Roads — he said there would not be time to train a county employee to use the machine.

With the cost of contracting a striping crew, the commission voted against using the spray paving application suggested by APAC. Spray paving would have cost the county $4.25 per ton of asphalt, $54,000 added cost.

In other business:

  • The commission approved the hire of a new deputy sheriff. Derek Fetrow, formerly an officer with Chase County, will be paid $15.25 an hour. Sheriff Robert Craft said the hire was necessary for the summer months.
  • The commission denied a request to delay construction on 90th Road. A couple is getting married outside in a yard and did not want the yard damaged by construction. Crawford said they would be careful to remove as little of the yard as possible.

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