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Commissioners review first draft of extension agreement

Staff writer

County commissioners got their first look Monday at a draft of an extension district operational agreement with Dickinson County.

Commissioners were concerned about a provision included by Dickinson County to develop services for its aging residents.

Commissioner Randy Dallke attended the meeting by videoconferencing because his employer encourages its worker to maintain social distancing by meeting online. Dallke was the first to question Dickinson’s intentions.

“How does that affect our department on aging?” Dallke asked.

Extension agent Rickey Roberts said Dickinson County doesn’t have a department on aging and wants to offer services.

“That will not affect our department on aging a bit,” Roberts said.

Dallke said he doesn’t know how creating a new taxing entity will affect Marion County taxes.

Commissioner Kent Becker said his concern is that Marion County residents would be funding services that benefit only Dickinson County residents.

Roberts said he will discuss the provision with Dickinson County and get back to commissioners on it.

Earlier resolutions were passed by both Marion and Dickinson counties to form an extension district, and notices were published in newspapers in both counties.

“No protest petition appears to be coming,” Roberts said.

Work to finalize an operational agreement has begun.

“If you have any objections or want something changed, we will try to work with that,” Roberts told commissioners.

Last modified April 16, 2020