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Commissioners want to move meeting times

County commissioner likely will shift their meetings to Monday afternoon instead of Morning starting in March to allow county council Brad Jantz to attend.

Jantz has often been unable to attend commission meetings, or unable to be at the meeting when it began.

Commissioners broached the subject a week ago, but wanted Jantz’s opinion.

On Monday, Jantz said he has long wanted a later meeting time.

His court schedule in Harvey County causes him to run late. He suggested Monday afternoon instead.

“By no means do I want to tell anyone what to do,” Jantz said. “But this would be a good time to talk to you. I’m just kind of tossing it out there as something that could be discussed if that meets your schedule.”

Commissioner Randy Dallke said he wanted to discuss the change with commissioners first, and then talk to department heads.

County clerk Tina Spencer said she doesn’t object to a change, but doesn’t consider it advantageous for commissioners to be there after 5 p.m. unless they need to.

Commissioner David Crofoot said he missed Monday morning staff meetings at his office on and would like a later time.

“I just think a 12:30 p.m. start might be more advantageous,” commissioner Kent Becker said.

“What do you think of a 12:30 start, Brad?” Dallke asked.

Jantz said that would work for him.

In order to change the meeting time, commissioners will have to pass a resolution and run a legal notice in the newspaper.

Dallke said he wants to talk to department heads before a final decision is made, but wants to try altering the meeting time for three months and see how that works.

Commissioners voted unanimously to have Jantz prepare a resolution changing the meeting time, which they will consider at the next meeting.

Last modified Feb. 11, 2021