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Church women host bridal shower

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Women of Morning Star Church were hosts for a bridal shower for Joni Wiebe on June 10 at the home of Stuart and Lea Isaac in Hillsboro.

Guests for dinner June 12 at the Ransom and Lillian Wiebe home were the Jason Wiebe, Mark Wiebe, and Merlin Wiebe families.

Jaraine Redger and Earl and Sharon Redger went June 9 to the memorial service for John Decker at Kansas Christian Home in Newton.

Dora Unruh accompanied Brenda Enns to Denver the weekend of June 3 to 5. While there, they attended a bridal shower for Brenda’s future daughter-in-law, Corina Neufeld.

Mike and Michelene Rhodes and family spent the June 12 weekend in Bradley, Ark., visiting her parents, Raymond and Ethelene Unruh.

Guests for dinner June 12 in the home of Roy and Nadine Davis were Wendell and Linda Wedel, Calla Wengar, and the Stan Smith family of Fort Sumner, N.M. The Smiths’ daughter, Keala, will stay and work at Main Street Café.

A pizza supper June 8 at the Ransom Wiebe home was in celebration of Julie Wiebe’s 4th birthday. Guests included Jason and Sheri Wiebe and family.

Jaraine Redger went to Canton on June 11 to help her cousin, Evelyn Klatt, and Leroy Klatt celebrate their 6oth wedding anniversary. Another cousin, Verla Redger of Hillsboro, also attended.

Harry and Sheryl Rhodes had as their dinner guests June 12 Clayton and Betty Wiebe, Ken and Sandy Wiebe, Doyle and Kara Wiebe and family, and Kara’s mother, Edith Warkentin.

Lola Redger attended the memorial service June 7 for Richard Redger at Roxbury Cemetery. Redger, 58, was a son of Milton Redger and a nephew of Dallas Redger. Dallas and Kate also attended.

On Lisa Redger’s birthday June 11, Lola Redger was host for a birthday supper. Other guests were Ray Redger, Kyle and Tressa.

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