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CORRESPONDENTS: Northwest of Durham

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Clayton and Betty Wiebe attended the wedding and dinner of Cory Koehn and Jamie Hageman on Aug. 7 in Fowler.

Several families attended the wedding of Joyce Redger, who grew up in the community, and Samuel Byrnes at Gentry, Ark., including Roy and Nadine Davis, Larry and Wanda Koehn, Ransom and Lillian Wiebe, and Warren and Jane Unruh. Jake Redger is Joyce’s father.

Brenda Enns and Deb Hiebert hosted a birthday get-together Aug. 8 at the Jim Enns home. August and September birthdays were celebrated. Attending were Ron and Dora Unruh; Mark, Barb, Katelin, and Sarah Unruh; Warren, Anita, Nathan, Kyle, and Jenna Unruh; Lon, Deb, and Matt Hiebert; Jim, Brenda, and Darren Enns; and David and Ashley Enns and family.

Supper guests Aug. 5 of Clayton and Betty Wiebe were the families of Nelson Wiebe, Travis Koehn, and Wayne and Calvin Wiebe. Brooke Wiebe, the daughter of Nelson Wiebe, celebrated her 13th birthday. The Wayne Wiebe family returned home Aug. 4 from visiting family in Canada.

The Gene Redger family gathered Aug. 8 at the family home in Newton. All of the children and most of the grandchildren attended the potluck dinner in honor of Jaraine’s 80th birthday.

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