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CORRESPONDENTS: Northwest of Durham

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A group gathered June 2 for supper at the Ransom Wiebe home. Guests included Brian and Rebecca Thomas and children; Anthony and Beth Wiebe, Tylan; Mark and Kris Wiebe and family; Jason and Sheri Wiebe and family; Kendall and Susie Wiebe; and Leonard Eicher. Some arrived late because they attended Bible school.

Wendell and Linda Wedel; Greg and Charlene Wedel and family; Travis and Connie Becker, Garret; Dale and Kathy Jantz, Ruthann; Troy and Marla Wiebe and family; and Lance and Cindy Nichols and family; of California gathered June 6 for a picnic supper. They celebrated Charlene’s birthday.

Edwin and Betty Claassen of Montezuma were overnight guests June 6 of Clayton and Betty Wiebe.

Dinner guests of Ruston and Lydia Dirks on June 7 were Ransom and Lillian Wiebe, Doug and Starla Koehn, Henry Redger and Nelson, and Bev Wiebe and family.

The Clayton, Nelson, Calvin, and Travis Wiebe families had a picnic supper June 7 at Central Park, Marion.

Many attended the 50th wedding anniversary open house June 7 for Gus and Mildred Hamm at Durham Baptist Church.

Harry and Lela Wedel, Harry and Sheryl Rhodes, Merlin and Karletta Wiebe and family, Darrel and Donita Rhodes and Tyson, and the Calvin Wiebe, Ken Giesbrecht, Darren Rhodes, Anthony Wiebes, and Kendall Wiebe families attended the wedding of Erin Becker and Kyle Litwiller of Center, Colo., on June 7 at United Center near Canton. Harry and Lela are Erin’s grandparents.

Palmer and Lucille Base had an early Father’s Day celebration June 7 at Temple Church.

Bruce and Cheryl Dirks; Roy and Nadine Davis, Rhonda and Eileen; Terry and Barb Hiebert and family; John and Ethel Steiner and Randall; and Marcel and Wendy Unruh and family gathered for a picnic with Tim Davis on June 8 at a park in Newton.

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