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CORRESPONDENTS: Northwest of Durham

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Many mothers were honored May 13 with dinners, picnics, and visits. Beautiful weather made it possible to enjoy the outdoors.

Wayne and Loralee Wiebe hosted dinner on May 13 for Clayton and Betty Wiebe and Tim Davis.

Ron and Dora Unruh were May 13 dinner guests at the home of Mark and Barb Unruh, along with Katelin Unruh and Josh Hendricks.

Ken and Sandy Wiebe, Teresa Wiebe, Doyle and Kara Wiebe and family, and Kara’s mother, Edith Warkentin, enjoyed a picnic dinner on May 13 at the Hillsboro park.

Larry Schmidt of Clarksdale, Miss., was a May 12 to 13 weekend guest of Roy and Nadine Davis. Rick and LaVae Koehn and boys joined them for dinner on May 13.

Larry and Wanda Koehn and Titus, and Dalton and Lorna Wiebe and family were guests of Travis and Sharon Koehn on May 13.

On May 11, the parents of children attending Cottonwood Grove Christian School, as well as Clayton and Betty Wiebe and Quinton and Diane Unruh, gathered at the school for a bridal shower for Charla Nightingale, a teacher who will be married June 24 in Idaho.

Dora Unruh accompanied Jim and Brenda Enns on May 10 to the musical program at Marion High School. Darren Enns was the band director.

Those who enjoyed a picnic dinner on May 13 at the Hillsboro park were Harry and Sheryl Rhodes, Ken and Shelli Giesbrecht and Taylor, Darrin and Meri Kay Rhodes and family, Calvin and Janene Wiebe and family, Mike and Mich Rhodes and family, and Mich’s parents, Raymond and Ethelene Unruh of Bradley, Ariz. The Unruhs were visiting for the weekend.

Jim and Brenda Enns visited Ron and Dora Unruh on May 13.

Lola Redger was her family’s guest of honor on Mother’s Day. All enjoyed a dinner at a Newton restaurant.

Dora Unruh accompanied her daughter, Deb Hiebert, on a shopping trip to Wichita on May 14. Dora was Deb’s guest for lunch as a belated Mother’s Day treat.

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