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CORRESPONDENTS: Northwest of Durham

The community extends its sympathy to the Ben Goentzel family. Ben passed away on Nov. 25. Memorial services were Monday at Trinity Mennonite Church of Hillsboro with burial at Peace Valley Cemetery. The Goentzel family were lifetime residents of this area before moving to Parkside Homes a few years ago.

There were many family members who were able to have relatives who lived a distance here this past weekend.

Maria Jantz and Gavin arrived Tuesday from California to spend a week visiting her parents, Wendell and Linda Wedel. She also spent time with her grandmother, Amanda Wedel, at the Manor in Moundridge. On Thursday, the Wedel family took Thanksgiving dinner to the Manor to enjoy with Amanda. Others present were Roy and Nadine Davis, Rhonda and Eileen, Greg and Charlene Wedel and family, Rick and LaVae Koehn and Travis, and Connie Becker and Garrett.

Gene and Jaraine Redger were joined by their family at their home in Newton for Thanksgiving Day dinner.

Rhonda Davis came home Tuesday for the holidays from Bloomfield, Iowa.

Joseph and Brenda Johnson and family of Fawnsdale, Ala., spent Saturday through Friday at the home of Richard and Charlotte Wiebe. They are on a three-month furlough from their mission work in Mexico.

Palmer and Lucille Base had Thanksgiving Day dinner in the home of Gary and Sue Base, northwest of Salina.

Guests in the home of Clayton and Betty Wiebe for Thanksgiving dinner were the Doyle Wiebe family and the Travis Koehn family.

Lola Redger had her brother, Vernon, and his wife, Carol, Nightengale of Fort Cobb, Okla., as guests Friday afternoon and for supper.

Shon and Kim Buster, Catlyn, Laci, Payton, and Kale were Saturday supper guests for a Thanksgiving dinner in the home of Richard and Kathy Dirks.

Joni Wiebe, who teaches in Buhl, Idaho, came home Tuesday evening and left Monday. She ate breakfast Monday with her grandparents, Ransom and Lillian, at the café.

Ron and Dora Unruh joined the Duerksen family Saturday evening for a Thanksgiving basket supper at Goessel Senior Center. It was hosted by the Milton Duerksen family.

Houseguests of Ransom and Lillian Wiebe this week were some of the grandchildren, Marcus and Rachel Koehn and Meribeth, Trendal and Mary Beth Toews, all of California, Kristi Koehn of western Kansas, and Brian and Angie Unruh and Megan of Bloomfield, Iowa. Some of them also spent some nights at the Bryon Thomas home. Craig and Deanne Becker of Texline, Texas, stayed at the Merlin Wiebe home. On Thursday, the Ransom Wiebe family had a dinner at the school. There were 17 of the 22 Wiebe grandchildren in attendance.

The Clayton Wiebe family was together for supper Friday evening at the Wiebes’ home. They celebrated Morgan’s second birthday. She is Calvin Wiebe’s daughter.

The Harry Wedel family got together Thursday at the Canton State Bank basement which was hosted by Jenallee Becker and Donita Rhodes. There were about 35 present.

Sunday supper guests in the home of Roy and Nadine Davis were Joseph and Brenda Johnson and family, Richard and Charlotte Wiebe, Marlyn and Arlyn, Troy and Marla Wiebe and family, Dalton and Lorna Wiebe and Kyran, and Rick Koehn. LaVea went to her Christmas get-together from work but joined them later.

The Isaac Wiebe family got together Sunday at the school for a dinner. Out-of-state guests were the Arden Wiebe family of Texhoma, Texas, and the Joseph Johnson family. Additional guests were Stuart and Lea Isaac and son, Mike Ryff, Henry Redger, and Irvin Isaac.

Palmer and Lucille Base attended memorial services Tuesday for his cousin Hilma Bartel at Olsen Funeral Home, Canton. She was a former resident of Lehigh and more recently lived with her daughter at Leavenworth.

Sunday evening supper guests of Clayton and Betty Wiebe were Ransom and Lillian Wiebe, Merlin and Karletta Wiebe and girls, Jarold and Rhonda Koehn, and her father, Don Isaac of Edberg, Alberta, Canada.

Larry and Wanda Koehn returned home Monday evening after spending the holiday in Kentucky, visiting Larry’s sister and family, Richard and Starla Harms.

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