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Weekend guests in the home of Harry and Sheryl Rhodes were Stuart and Eileen Rhodes from Scio, Ore.

Attending the Roxbury Church Bazaar and supper Oct. 28 were Lola Redger, Verla Redger, Jaraine Redger, Marcella Unruh, Ann Bartel, and Dora Unruh.

Dinner guests of Jason and Sheri Wiebe Nov. 1 were Wendell and Linda Wedel and Dalton and Lorna Wiebe and family.

The Cottonwood Grove School hosted a Poem Fest for parents and grandparents Oct. 30. The pupils recited many poems that they had memorized.

Galen and Marlene Unruh attended church services Nov. 1 with Marcella Unruh.

Ken and Sandy Wiebe of Sarasota, Fla., arrived on Nov. 2 to visit family.

Supper guests in the Dale Jantz home Oct. 29 were Greg and Charlene Wedel and family, Troy and Marla Wiebe and family, and Ruthann Jantz.

Evening guests in the Jim Enns home Oct. 31 were Ron and Dora Unruh; Mark and Barb Unruh, Sarah and Katelin, who was home from Kansas State University for the weekend; Warren and Anita Unruh and family; Lauren and Lou Enns; and David and Ashley Enns and family.

Dinner guests in the Clayton Wiebe home Nov. 1 were Harry and Sheryl Rhodes; Stuart and Eileen Rhodes; Larry and Wanda Kohen, Denise and Titus; Ken and Sandy Wiebe; and Teresa Wiebe.

Wendell and Linda Wedel were supper guests Nov. 1 of Warren and Jane Unruh.

Dinner guests of Ransom and Lillian Wiebe Nov. 1 were Mark and Kris Wiebe, Lance, Kaylee, and Luke; Merlin and Karletta Wiebe and Janessa; and Grace and Carol Nightingale from western Kansas.

Grace and Carol Nightingale were houseguests Oct. 31 and Nov. 1 of Ransom and Lillian Wiebe. They are aunts of teacher Charla Nightingale.

The Durham Senior Citizens met Oct. 28 for a basket dinner at the community building. There were 19 present for bingo and lunch with Betty Youk hosting.

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