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Mark Wiebe and family went to Window Rock, Ariz., to get daughter Joni for the Thanksgiving weekend. Kris and daughters Karalee and Kaylee took her back Nov. 30.

Around 54 members of the Isaac Wiebe family went to Moundridge Manor Dec. 4 to celebrate Helen Wiebe’s birthday.

The community senior citizens had a friendship supper Dec. 3 at the Morning Star Church with about 90 people attending. The meal was prepared by the youth of the church.

A group went to sing Dec. 6 at Brown Memorial in Abilene. Singers were Calvin Wiebe and family, Greg Wedel and family, and Ruston Dirks.

A group celebrated Tim Davis’ birthday Dec. 6 with supper in Galva. Attendees included Clayton Wiebe and family, Marcel Unruh and family, Jeff Ratzlaff and family, and Bruce Dirks and family and others.

Ron and Dora Unruh attended the Messiah Dec. 6 presented by Tabor College at the Hillsboro Mennonite Brethren Church. Their grandson Darren Enns had a solo in the program.

Christopher and Denise Schrok returned from a trip Dec. 6 and left for their home Dec. 7 in Kidron, Ohio.

Larry and Wanda Koehn were guests Dec. 3 of Lena Koehn of Newton. Larry’s brother Richard and Jolene Koehn of Carson City, Mich., were also guests.

Rhonda Davis and her friend Jenny Nightingale both from Bloomfield, Iowa, came home Nov. 26. They had visited a friend in Rochester, Minn., and returned to Bloomfield Nov. 29.

Dinner guests of Richard and Charlotte Wiebe Nov. 26 was Roy and Nadine Davis and Eileen; Lance and Karalee Wiebe; and Charlotte’s sister, Joyce and Don Wenger from Wisconsin.

Wendell and Linda Wedel were dinner guests Nov. 26 of her sister Bev Mayeskea in Newton. Other guests included her mother and Ron and Margaret Jantz.

Richard and Kathy Dirks were dinner guests Nov. 26 of Doug and Colleen Weinbrenner. Other family members were also present.

Barb Unruh and her nephew Teal Stutzman, a student at Tabor College, left Nov. 24 for Buhl, Idaho, to spend time with her mother, who is seriously ill. They returned home Nov. 29.

Dinner guests of Ransom and Lillian Wiebe Nov. 26 were Greg and Dianne Becker of Dalhart, Texas; Kristi Koehn, who teaches in western Kansas; Jason Wiebe and family; and Bryan and Rebecca Thomas and Kristina. The Beckers and Koehn were also overnight guests. Supper guests Nov. 27 were Mark Wiebe and family, Jason Wiebe and family, Merlin and Karletta Wiebe and Janesa, Chet Base and family of Georgia, Bryan and Rebecca Thomas and Kristina, Kendall and Susie Wiebe, Beth Koehn, and Charla from Montrose, Colo., where she teaches.

Denise Koehn and Christopher Schrock were married Nov. 29 at the Morning Star Church with many out-of-state attendees. The groom’s grandparents, Harvey and Barb Lehman, were Nov. 27 and 28 overnight guests of Ransom and Lillian Wiebe. Koehn’s sisters Amy Koehn of Brooksville, Miss., and Tom and Sara Penner and family of Swan River, Manitoba, also attended.

The Harry Wedel family got together at noon Nov. 26 at the school. There were between 55 and 60 family members present.

Dinner guests of Ron and Dora Unruh Nov. 26 were Jim and Brenda Enns and Darren; Lon and Deb Hiebert and Matt; Mark Unruh, Katelin and Sarah; and Warren and Anita Unruh, Nathan, Kyle, and Jenna. The group also celebrated Kyle’s birthday, which was Nov. 24.

Lavern and Lisa Litwiller and family of Murray, Ky., spent Nov. 26 with parents Bruce and Cheryl Dirks. Other guests were Ruston and Lydia Dirks and Chaniel; Melvin and Vera Dirks; Gavin and Donalee Johnson of Texhoma, Texas; Charlene Becker of Galva; Marlin and Bethany Wiebe; Ty and Karmeta Johnson; and Charla Nightingale.

Wendell and Linda Wedel, Geg and Charlene Wedel and family, and Travis and Connie Becker and Garret ate supper out Nov. 28 in McPherson. The group celebrated Wendell’s and Travis’ birthdays, which were Nov. 25 and Dec. 1.

Supper guests of Ruston and Lydia Dirks Nov. 27 were Bruce and Cheryl Dirks and Heath, Lavern Litwiller and family, Marlin and Bethany Wiebe, Sarah Peachy, and Charla Nightingale. The Litwiller family left for home Nov. 29.

Ransom and Lillian Wiebe went to Burns Nov. 30 for a memorial service at the Eden Church for Fern Smith.

Keith Landis of Sterling, Ill., was a Nov. 28 visitor of Mark Unruh. They went to college together.

Lola Redger was a dinner guest Nov. 26 of Ray Redger and family. Lisa Redger of Wichita was also a guest. Lola and Lisa left Nov. 27 for Carnegie, Okla., where Lola attended the evening program and the Nov. 28 alumni banquet at her high school. They spent the evening looking at Christmas lights with Lola’s brother and family. They returned Nov. 29.

Dinner guests of Larry and Wanda Koehn Nov. 22 were Tim and Shelia Koehn and family and Carol Unruh.

Ron and Dora Unruh joined the Duerksen family for a basket supper Nov. 22 at the Goessel Activity Building. Rudy and Eulalia Schroeder and family hosted the supper.

Lola Redger was a Nov. 18 visitor of her cousin Leota Nash in Abilene. Nash’s sister Wanda Stroll of Herington also joined them.

Merlin and Karletta Wiebe visited Irvin Isaac Nov. 22 in the Salina hospital.

Dinner guests of Ransom and Lillian Wiebe Nov. 22 were Jonathan and Lillian Schmidt of Thomas, Okla.; Ken and Sandy Wiebe; Jason and Sheri Wiebe and family; Charla Nightingale; Sarah Peachy; and Katie Stutzman.

Verla and Lola Redger were afternoon visitors Nov. 22 of Marcella Unruh.

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