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Oliver and Frances Unruh and Beverly Elliott were supper guests Sept. 18 of Wilbur Hanneman and his daughters and families, Frank and Elaine Nelson of Kansas City, Gloria Hanneman of Wichita, and grandchildren Kerry and Rachel Hein of Hillsboro.

Tim and Donna Diener and Marissa were visitors Sept. 17 at the Paul Pankratz home. Visitors the next day were Herb and Trudy Pankratz of Abilene and Andrew Pankratz of Hillsboro.

Weekend guests at the Oliver Mohn home were Jeremy and Kristy Mohn and daughters of Olathe and Gordon and Vicky Mohn of McPherson.

The Koslowsky family had a reunion Sept. 19. Those attending were John and Lorna Jackson of Montana; Gene and Sue Seibel of Illinois; Blaine and Cynthia Welton and Harry and Janice Willems of Wichita.

Diana Koslowsky and a friend of Lawrence; Martin and Sonja Koslowsky of Peabody; Roberta Winter of Florence; Karis Jost of Newton; Logan and Lexie Milne of Inman; and Gilbert and Elaine Suderman, Kent and Carla Koslowsky, Lowell and Eleanor Jost, and Mary Seibel of Hillsboro.

Gene and Sue Seibel of Illinois were guests Sept. 18 and 19 of Mary Seibel.

Kathy Jury’s mother, Hazel Remminger of Junction City, stayed a week with the Steve Jury family.

Pearl Koch and Rachel Epp joined the Koch family Sept. 18 at the Carrol Koch home in Emporia for a birthday dinner for Carrol.

Forty-six people gathered at the home of Rolind and Melissa Bartel on Sept. 18 to celebrate Elgin Bartel’s 90th birthday. Guests were from Pennsylvania, Missouri, Oklahoma, Wichita, Newton, Goessel, and Hillsboro.

The Paul Pankratzes, Oliver Mohns, and Tim Dieners of Hillsboro and Jim Hamms of Tampa met Sept. 20 at the Gaylord Hamm home in Durham to celebrate Gaylord’s and Valera’s birthdays.

Virgil and Jean Oblander met the Don Allen family of Grand Mound, Iowa, and the LeRoy Bitikofers of Canton for lunch Sept. 20 in Durham.

Virgil and Jean Oblander were hosts of the Oblander reunion Sept. 18 in Durham. Those attending were LaDell and Margert Riffel of Enterprise, the Bob Schroeders of Newton, DeEtta Williams of Emporia, the Dagmer Schlehubers of Colorado, Burt Oblander of Newton, Kim Frantz of Tampa, and Laura Ollek of McPherson.

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