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CORRESPONDENTS: Round the town


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Herb, Trudy, and Andrew Pankratz of Abilene were supper guests Aug. 22 of Paul and Arlene Pankratz. Andrew will be a senior at Tabor College.

Mark and Kathy Nachtigall and family of McPherson were guests for supper Aug. 21 of the Larry Hamms. The Nachtigalls’ daughter, Elizabeth, is attending Tabor. The Hamms visited the Russel Hamm family Aug. 22 in Canton.

Those from Hillsboro who attended a 70th birthday celebration Aug. 21 for LaVeta Meier of rural Hope were the Duane Hamms, the Duwane Millers, Edie Ollenburger, the Rev. Curtis Wiens, Pearl Koch, Lois Nuss, the Wayne Ollenburgers, and the Fred Carlsons. Also attending from the area were the Gus Hamms and Richard Dirks of Tampa and the Tom and Bob Linder families of Hope.

Leonard and Hazel Hein attended the 90th birthday party for Arpe Ewert on Aug. 22 at Trinity Mennonite Church, Hillsboro.

Malvin and Darlene Schmidt ate supper with their son, Leroy, Aug. 22 in McPherson. They visited Jeremy and Abbie Schmidt and their new baby, Corbin. This is Malvin and Darlene’s first great-grandchild.

Russel, Kara, and Eli Haug of Park City were guests for supper Aug. 21 at the Oliver Mohn home.

Oliver and Frances Unruh and Beverly Elliott ate lunch Aug. 22 with Irma and Brandon Unruh in Newton.

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