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Families gather for birthdays

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Dinner guests of the Tim Dieners on Jan. 23 were Kent and Emily Nichol of Hesston, Marissa Diener of Lawrence, and Paul and Arlene Pankratz of Hillsboro. They celebrated Emily’s birthday.

Gus and Mildred Hamm attended the Durham Baptist Church Sunday school party Jan. 21 at the home of Willis and Eleanor Herbel in Hillsboro. They celebrated Willis’ birthday. The next day, the Herbel family met for dinner out and visited at the Herbel home. Attending were the families of Delayne and Chris Herbel of Hillsboro, Kevin and Paula Herbel of Durham, Todd and Krista Krispense of Marion, John and Ashley Herbel of Salina, and Gary and Gladys Voth of Hesston.

Guests at the Oliver Mohn home Jan. 24 to celebrate the birthdays of Oliver and Marcella Mohn and Paul Pankratz were Gus and Mildred Hamm, Tim and Donna Diener, and Paul and Arlene Pankratz of Hillsboro; Jim and Myrna Hamm and Morganne of Tampa; and Gaylord and Valera Hamm of Durham.

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