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James and Dana Hadley hosted out-of-state guests Joyce and Everett Steele of Moscow, Idaho, on Sept. 18. Other guests were Tami Hadley of Newton, Laurie and Mike Diaz, and twin daughters of Manhattan, Pearl and Velma Hadley of Hillsboro.

On Sept. 19, the Hadleys and Steeles joined cousins from Hutchinson and Wichita for lunch.

Herb and Trudy Pankratz of Abilene and Andrew Pankratz of Lawrence visited Arlene Pankratz on Sept. 17.

Gloria Hanneman of Wichita and Elaine Nelson of Overland Park visited the Oliver Unruhs and Beverly Elliott on Sept. 17.

Tom and Glenda Fleener of El Dorado were Sept 17 guests of Pearl Koch.

Jim Hamm and family of Tampa, Tim Diener and family, Gus Hamm, Marchella Mohn, and Arlene Pankratz gathered at the Gaylord Hamm residence in Durham on Sept. 19 to celebrate Gaylord and Valera’s birthdays.

Marissa Diener from Lawrence and Krista Kopper from Wichita visited Arlene Pankratz on Sept. 16.

Kathey Jury’s mother, Hazel Remminger of Junction City, has been a house guest at the Steve Jury residence.

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