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CORRESPONDENTS: Round the town

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Duane and Shirley Hamm and Norma Ballard of Topeka spent Memorial Day weekend in Hazelton and Kiowa where they decorated graves at Anthony and Hazelton. They also attended their high school reunion in Hazelton.

Herb and Trudy Pankratz of Abilene visited Arlene Pankratz on June 1. They traveled to Hillsboro specifically to attend Herb’s 50th Hillsboro High School reunion.

Tim, Donna, and Marissa visited Arlene Pankratz June 2.

Liz, Addison, and Shiloh Palmer of Minneapolis, Minn., spent a week with Liz’s parents, Dave and Mary Lancaster.

The Krispense family of Marion, the family of John Herbel of Salina, and the family of Delayne Herbel of Lehigh visited Willis Herbel and family on June 1.

Malvin and Darlene Schmidt had lunch with their son, Leroy, in McPherson on June 2.

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