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Tillie Hein, Leona Kleiber, and Adeline Bernhardt accompanied Tom and Dee Duggan to Salina on Sept. 21 for the annual senior fair. Don and Betty Frick of Topeka went to the fair to see her brother, Tom Duggan, honored as the Marion County innovator. Tampa’s Sunflower Senior Citizens received recognition.

Georgia Spohn met Lenora Graham of Florence on Sept. 20 in Hillsboro. They attended the first Learning in Retirement session of the semester at Tabor College and ate lunch in Marion. Both were honored for being members of the Learning in Retirement program for at least 20 semesters. The group sang “Happy Birthday” to Georgia.

Russ and Julie Kerbs, Lucille Kerbs, and Rustyn Kerbs and Brianna Alvarez were guests of Jesse and Ashton Smith and Sydney of Pilsen on Sept. 18 for a cookout. The meal was topped with cake and ice cream in celebration of Jesse’s birthday.

Members of the Red Hat Society met for dinner Sept. 22 at a café in Hope. They planned events in October, November, and December. Those who attended were Ramona Goracke, Anita Hummel, and Betty Schlesener of Hope; Barbara Askew, Rhea Kolling, Karolyn Schlesener, Helen Sorenson, and Rose Mary Deines of Herington; and Ramona Beisel, Adeline Bernhardt, Leona Kleiber, and Dee Duggan.

Gary and Carole Spohn and Georgia Spohn ate dinner out Sept. 18 in Florence in celebration of Georgia’s birthday.

Anna Weber was honored with a “sweet 16” party Sept. 18 at the USD 408 Sports and Aquatic Center in Marion. Ronnie and Lisa Hanschu were hosts. Those attending included Frank and Anna Mae Stika, Lori Moldenhauer and Nikki, Burma Hanschu and friend Lewis, Paul and Edna Backhus, and Jane Vajnar. Pizza, cake, and ice cream were served.

Lynn and Peggy Kleiber of Salina, Dale and Andrea Klenda and Elijah of Pilsen, and Leona Kleiber met Sept. 18 in Lost Springs for dinner out. Lynn and Peggy visited the Klendas and Nicholas Kleiber. They were overnight guests of Leona.

Lucille Kerbs accompanied Russ and Julie Kerbs on Sept. 17 to Hope for the Centre football game. Rustyn Kerbs played on the Centre team. Glenn Kerbs of Dodge City met them there and brought his mother home where Russ and Julie joined them for a late supper in celebration of Centre’s victory. Glenn stayed overnight with Lucille.

Lori Moldenhauer was an overnight guest Sept. 18 of her daughter, Nikki Stenzel, in Manhattan. They ate supper with friends.

Leona Kleiber and Adeline Bernhardt met Carl and Kathy Hubbard of Wellington on Sept. 18 for dinner out in Hillsboro. They had attended the Hillsboro Arts and Crafts Fair and did some shopping.

Dee Duggan attended a card party Sept. 17 at Rose Mary Deines’ home in Herington.

Gary and Carole Spohn and Georgia Spohn met Steve and Sheri Spohn on Sept. 17 for supper in Hope. They celebrated Steve’s birthday.

Jeanne Rziha stayed Sept. 15 through 18 with John and Jeanne Rziha, Michael, Christopher, Joseph, Timothy, Thomas, Charles, Anna, and Henry. She became acquainted with her grandson and to help Jeanne during her recuperation.

Tom and Dee Duggan, Adeline Bernhardt, and Jane Vajnar attended a board meeting of Senior Citizens of Marion County on Sept. 17 in Peabody.

Lori Moldenhauer stayed Sept. 14 through 17 in Chicago on a business trip.

Adeline Bernhardt accompanied Leona Kleiber and Edna Mueller to Labor Day festivities in Burdick.

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