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Adeline Bernhardt stayed June 28 through June 30 with Barney and Linda Bernhardt in Wichita. Hailey and Heather Haynes were overnight guests June 29. Carl and Kathy Hubbard of Wellington came June 27. The men went golfing while the women visited. They ate supper out with John and Debra Haynes and Megan Bernhardt and her friend Evan.

Connie Thompson, of Abilene, and Lucille Kerbs went to Salina June 28 for shopping and dinner out.

Jane Vajnar went to Ellsworth June 28 for Wallace Gust’s funeral at the Methodist church in Kanopolis. On the way home, she visited Jon and Wanda Sneath in Carneiro and Leland and Joanne Johnson in Brookville.

Tom and Dee Dugan met Darla Hall and Adam of Lee’s Summit, Mo., at Springfield, Mo., June 26 to explore the campus where Adam will be attending college this fall.

Anna Mae Stika’s family honored her with dinner out in Hope June 27 in celebration of her birthday, June 19. Others present were Frank Stika, Nikki Stenzel and her friend Mark of Manhattan, Lori Moldenhauer, Ronnie and Lisa Hanschu, and Anna and Tien Antoczyk. Anna Mae also received many greetings by mail and telephone.

Family members who turned to watch Tanner Stuchlik play T-ball June 27 were Daniel and Melissa Stuchlik and Allie of Pilsen, Monte and Sarah Stuchlik of Lost Springs, Terry and Cindy Vinduska of Marion, Mike and Candee Thode of Wichita, Adeline Bernhardt, and Leona Kleiber.

Jesse and Ashton Smith and Sydney and Lucille Kerbs visited Russ and Julie Kerbs June 27.

Tom and Dee Duggan and Adeline Bernhardt attended the Marion County senior citizens board meeting June 25 in Burns. Tom was chosen to represent the county at the senior fair in Salina in September.

Lucille Kerbs and Leona Kleiber enjoyed dinner at the café June 20. Later in the afternoon, they visited Adeline Bernhardt.

Frank and Anna Mae Stika enjoyed dinner out June 26 in Hillsboro for Anna Mae’s birthday.

Tim and Marchelle Kerbs of Salina visited Lucille Kerbs June 27 and helped her trim her hedge. All enjoyed a late dinner out in Lost Springs.

Betty and Don Frick of Topeka visited Tom and Dee Duggan June 22.

Lucille Kerbs visited Connie Thompson, Allison, and Taylor in Abilene June 25, and they are dinner out.

Father’s Day weekend guests of Tom and Dee Duggan were Darla Hall and Adam of Lee’s Summit, Mo., and Kaylee Hall of Herington. Ernie and Darlene Kite of Bartlesville, Okla., joined them June 27 and 28, and Deb Hall of Herington spent some time with them. All attended a swim meet June 26.

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