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Don Klein died March 26. Many members of the Tampa community have expressed sympathy to his family.

A women’s breakfast March 29 at the Tampa café included attendees Carole Spohn, Sue Yanda, Janet Bielefeld, Ruth Cauthon, Iona Dietrich, Catarina and Katherine Rziha, Betty Mueller, and Dee Duggan.

Tom and Dee Duggan attended the Tri-County Telephone Association meeting March 27.

Sunflower Senior Citizens had an outing March 27, touring St. John Nepomucene Catholic Church in Pilsen, the Historic Elgin Hotel Bed and Breakfast, and Gallery 101 in Marion. They had dinner out in Marion and had ice cream in Hillsboro on the way home. Leo and Sue Yanda, Tom and Dee Duggan, Janet Bielefeld, Adeline Bernhardt, and Leona Kleiber participated.

Irma Benda visited Frank and Anna Mae Stika on March 27.

Jane Vajnar visited Lucille Kerbs the evening of March 25.

Wayne Rziha of Tulsa, Okla., was a weekend guest of his parents, Jerry and Jeanne Rziha. Cecilia, Anthony, and Daniel Rziha, who had been spending a week with their grandparents, returned home with their father.

March 25 dinner guests of Russ and Julie Kerbs were Rustyn Kerbs of Hillsboro, Jesse and Ashton Smith and Sydney of Pilsen, and Lucille Kerbs.

Georgia Spohn met Lenora Graham, Paulette Zook, and two of their friends of Florence on Friday in Hillsboro for Learning in Retirement and dinner out. Jane Marshall of Kansas State University brought the Tabor College program on the Kansas food heritage.

Tom and Dee Duggan took Deb Hall and Kaylee of Herington out for dinner March 25 in Herington.

Tom and Bev Reid of Marion, Paul and Edna Backhus, Jason Backhus, and Alisha Barney were among more than 1,200 people attending the big marshmallow roast March 24 at Marion County Park and Lake. Later, they enjoyed a hamburger fry at the Reid home.

Lucille Kerbs visited Connie Thompson on March 24 in Abilene. Jeremy and Allison Sluder joined them for dinner out.

Don Witt and Donna Bundy visited Adeline Bernhardt on March 22.

Georgia Spohn met Earl and Ruth Pankratz of Newton, Lenora Graham and Betty Williams of Florence, and Bruce and Beverly Sloan of Butte, Mont., on March 22 for dinner in Hope.

Walt and Iona Dietrich were accidentally omitted from a list of people attending the March senior center meeting in a recent Tampa news article.

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