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Lucille Kerbs is the proud great-grandmother of Gracie Reidy, born June 13 to Mark and April Reidy of Manhattan. She weighed 6 pounds, 7 ounces and measured 20 inches long. Tim and Marchelle Kerbs of Salina are her maternal grandparents.

Tillie Hein has received word of the death of her sister Philothia Rita Snell of McIntosh, Fla., on June 19.

Kathy O’Rourke of Overland Park and Jeanne Rziha spent the weekend in Chicago, III., to attend a 96th birthday party for their aunt, Marie Peterlin.

Cindy Vinduska of Marion, Adeline Bernhardt, and Leona Kleiber enjoyed dinner out June 20 in Newton.

Sydney Smith spent the day with Lucille Kerbs on June 18 and 19.

Guests of Steve and Sheri Spohn for Father’s Day dinner in Hope were Gary and Carole Spohn, Leo and Sue Yanda, and Georgia Spohn.

Ronnie and Lisa Hanschu and Lori Moldenhauer brought a carry-in dinner to Frank and Anna Mae Stika on June 17 for Father’s Day and an early celebration of Anna Mae’s birthday. The meal was topped off with a decorated Father’s Day cake. Nikki Stenzel joined them for supper.

Father’s Day dinner guests of Paul and Edna Backhus were Bev and Tom Reid of Marion, Mike and Jennifer Jay and Cody of Hillsboro, Brad Backhus, Jason Backhus, and Alisha Barney.

June 17 dinner guests of Russ and Julie Kerbs and Rustyn were Jesse and Ashton Smith and Sydney of Pilsen and Lucille Kerbs.

June 16 supper guests of Daniel and Melissa Stuchlik, Tanner and Allie were Jill Vinduska of Orlando, Fla., Terry and Cindy Vinduska of Marion and Leona Kleiber.

Anna Weber visited her grandparents, Frank and Anna Mae Stika, on June 16.

Lucille Kerbs enjoyed dinner out June 16 in Abilene with Connie Thompson and Jeremy and Allison Sluder and Brooklyn.

Lynn and Peggy Kleiber were Saturday morning visitors of Leona Kleiber. They also visited Dale and Andrea Klenda, Elijah, and Evan.

Enid Albrecht of Wichita met her sister, Georgia Spohn, on June 14 in Hope for dinner out.

Clayton and Leah Kerbs of Topeka, Connie Thompson, Allison Sluder and Brooklyn of Abilene, and Lucille Kerbs enjoyed dinner together June 15 at the Sluder home.

Alice and Gerald Youchman of Wicnita visited Paul and Edna Backhus on June 13.

Adeline Bernhardt was pleasantly surprised when a group of her fellow members of the Shady Ladies chapter of the Red Hat Society attended her 90th birthday party recently. Those attending were Betty Schlesener and Ramona Goracke of Hope, Rhea Kolling, Karolyn Schlesener and Rose Mary Deines of Herington, Leona Kleiber, Ramona Beisel, and Dee Duggan. A group picture was taken.

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